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"What's a coif and why would you put one on your head?"

"Who would really eat gold?!?"

"How do you wear a coat of arms?"

Why is this lady yelling "Oyez"?

"Are Fig Newtons REALLY medieval?"

Your students are full of questions! Now you can give them exciting and accurate answers! As living history interpreters, we know how to bring the Middle Ages to life.

Show and Tell...  with cool stuff!!

You won't just hear about the Middle Ages; you'll see and touch recreated items from everyday medieval life. Volunteers will have the opportunity to be dressed in 13th century clothing and even preside over a royal court!

Use our downloadable PDF handouts as preparation or follow-up!

Kimberly and Blair Frodelius
As members of the international medieval recreation group, The Society for Creative Anachronism, Kimberly and Blair have been studying and recreating the arts and sciences of the Middle Ages for nearly ten years.

Alheydis and Gyles de Blair
Alheydis is a 13th century wife and mother from the Barony of Oettingen in southern Germany. Gyles is the lord of Manor de Blair in lowland Scotland. Together, they present a fascinating glimpse into the world of the Middle Ages!

"I loved it when we dressed in the medieval clothes. I hope you will come back again!"

"You made history fun! I'm so glad you came to our class!"

Dependable, professional AND Affordable!

Your first hour is $150. Each additional half-hour costs only $50.
No hidden charges charges. No surprises. No worries.

(Travel fee may apply outside Onondaga County.)

Call today! Our calendar fills up quickly!

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Medieval Life
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